Nowadays we take using the internet for granted in our daily life. Its advent has dramatically changed our lifestyle. In addition, the widespread use of smartphones has elevated usefulness of the internet. All we need to access the sea of information is just to tap a screen with a finger. I think this easiness improves the availability of information.


First, we can know what is happening on the opposite side of the world instantly on the internet. Before the internet was invented it took a long time to be broadcasted. Except for a limited number of people who could use the international calling, many had to send a letter to inform people of something. But now, we can spread information instantly whenever we want and know what happens in the world. This change in our life influenced our world. Do you remember one woman, Malala, who awarded The Nobel peace prize? She is a good example to explain how the internet influences this world. She has been disseminating her ideas  through the internet what is happening in Islamic countries to attract more world attention to problems in these areas in an attempt to address them. Throughout her series of efforts, she succeeded in getting more attention to that problems, resulting in ameliorating the situations. Don’t you think the internet has played an important role on tackling serious world problems? Without the internet, many people would not have noticed what happened in the countries and tried alleviating the situations I think.


Second, however, the internet is used by criminals today. The number of culprits who use the internet for crimes are increasing more and more. For example, they first mix wrong information with right information to commit fraud. There are so much information on the internet that it’s very difficult to distinguish right information from wrong information in the sea of information. These kind of crimes were not related to ordinary people because computers and devices which could access the internet were so expensive that many couldn’t afford them. But now, everyone even children have their own smartphones, which means we are becoming more vulnerable to cybercrimes. In other words, the increase in the availability of information is becoming bigger ever before in both a positive and bad way.


Finally, we enjoy the accessibility to much information with ease but we have to, at the same time, consider how we protect us from cybercrimes. The widespread availability of information has not only changed our life positively but also has increased the exposure to crimes. Of course, the widespread use of the internet per se isn’t accused but the time when we consider how to use the internet and protect ourselves has come. 451 Words




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